Why Is 5G Internet so Anticipated?

5g internet

In many countries, the 3G Internet is still widely used. Somewhere, the 4G Internet is becoming an everyday thing, but it seems like everybody now is talking about the 5G Internet. Well, what about it?

5G Internet is supposed to provide us with a hundred times faster speed than the current wireless technology we are using. In fact, it is said that it would be even faster than Google Fiber Internet.

Even though we have to wait some time until 5G Internet becomes available, it seems like many options will come to life thanks to it. It is announced that the 5G Internet will probably come to life in 2018, while we would have to wait for another year until we have a wider coverage.

Among the many benefits we will receive from the 5G Internet, here are some that are pretty obvious. First of all, you would be able to play games against friends on the streets. You will be able to download movies on your phone for some 15 seconds. Also, self-driving cars will be able to function much better since they will receive fast an accurate information. And of course, you will be able to always be on the move and not care about having a slow connection when you are in a middle of an interview!

Seems good, eh?


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