You Can Pre-order an Exclusive Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

samsung galaxy s7 exclusive line

Samsung flagship phones are among the most expensive phones on the market. They are really high-end, manufactured from a top brand which stands for quality, great build, great performance and durability. And of course, those things cost serious money. But if a regular Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge just isn’t good enough for you and you would like to have something more, then there is an exclusive line of these phones that might as well satisfy you.

Truly Exquisite announced that you can get your hands on an exclusive version of the new flagship phones from Samsung, covered in gold, platinum or rose gold. When we mention these material, we do not mean colour only, but actual gold, platinum and rose gold.

The prices, of course, are as high as one can expect:

  • 24K Gold Galaxy S7 – £1700 ($2,380)
  • 24K Gold Galaxy S7 Edge – £1800 ($2,495)
  • Platinum Galaxy S7 – £1800 ($2,495)
  • Platinum Galaxy S7 Edge – £1900 ($2,630)
  • 18K Rose Gold Galaxy S7 – £1750 ($2,425)
  • 18K Rose Gold Galaxy S7 Edge – £1850 ($2,562)

Clearly, not many would like to spend so much money on a phone, since we are used to changing our phones every once in few years. But still, if these phones exist, it means that someone is willing to buy it.

How go you feel about these exclusive line of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? Do you think is too much, or just a normal thing?


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