“Hands Free” Payment Method By Google is Now Up and Running!


Last year, Google worked on developing a new and revolutionary way of payment called “Hands Free” Payment. As the name suggests, you won’t need to use your hands in order to pay in the locations which as hands free supported location.

The concept that Google has prepared this time is so simple that is even scary. Imagine this: You go to a restaurant, eat, and just say “I would like to pay with Google” as you are leaving the restaurant. Well, that’s how things will go.

A user will need to upload a photo of themselves and link it to a credit or debit card. On the location, with the help of a face recognition camera, he cashier will be able to identify you and make the transaction.

This is a separate payment system from Android Pay, and it is still in a kind of a test phase. Currently, the hands free payment method is available only in San Francisco, in few McDonald’s and Papa John locations.

Check out the promotional video below:

What do you thing about Google’s hands free payment? Does it seem too good to be true? What are your expectations?


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