T-Mobile is Shipping the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


Did you hear the news? I hope that you did? Because many customers are being excited that they may receive their new Galaxy S7 before the official release date given by Samsung. It turns out that the shipment notices were on point, as some Galaxy S7 units have already made their way into lucky customers’ hands. T-Mobile’s Twitter account has also piped up and responded to a question about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge delivery dates, stating that “the official launch date is 3/11 and we’re working to get them out as quickly as possible. You may even get it before.” Furthermore, a number of T-Mobile representatives have told expectant customers that the company is actively shipping out the S7 and S7 Edge as soon as possible.

Some of the buyers posted a pictures of their new deliveries to show us that they had the phone in their hands, and also to share their satisfaction with us.

Enjoy your new phone T-Mobile customers. It looks like the rest of us will be waiting until the official March 11th release date.

One thing that is yet unclear is whether or not Samsung has given the Un-carrier the OK to begin shipping these devices to users. Either way, it looks like T-Mobile customers will be getting their devices early, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Please share your thoughts with us, what do you think of the phone? And buyers please share your experience with us, or post some picture in the comments below.


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