Samsung Galaxy S7 Has a Detect Moisture Option

samsung galaxy s7 moisture

Samsung, as a great company offers an IP68 rated case for some protection against dirt and water. Interestingly, the phone acquired this rating despite leaving the micro USB charging port exposed and it appears that the company has also thought about protecting the handset from charging while wet.

The rather handy fail-safe feature is clearly designed to prevent any possible short circuits and completely disables the USB port from charging while wet. Users have had to wait for quite different lengths of time until the port activates again. Some have seen charging re-enabled within an hour, while other have had to wait for four or more hours.

When talking about charging, we should be aware of the water resistance. Even though Samsung has clearly gone out of its way to protect the handset from water, users shouldn’t really treat this as a green light to bring the Galaxy S7 along as a swimming companion.

IP ratings mean that a device meets the protection specifications under test environments, but there’s no guarantee that the handset will remain water resistant under all circumstances and you might not be covered under warranty either.


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