Android N Comes With an Important Life-Saving Feature

android n

Even though accidents are not a nice thing, we have to admit that these things happen unfortunately, and we have to be prepared in case of one. Luckily, the Android N seems to come with such feature that might be vital an life-threatening situations. This time, Google has implemented the Emergency Information feature, which helps you add medical details that might be on a great importance.

If you decided to give Android N developer preview a try, in the final stage of the setup, you will find some additional, optional steps. Such optional step is the Emergency info (which in fact, is the only additional option currently). What you will find under this step are health-related fields which you can fill in so someone can retrieve them in a case of emergency.

You can add your name, address, date of birth, and more importantly, vital information about your medical state, such as allergies, medications you are taking, your blood type, medical history, etc. You can even select someone as a emergency contact, or select your organ donor preference.

To retrieve the information, a person would need to tap the emergency button on the lock screen, and then tap on the emergency info button which will appear.

What do you think about this feature on the Android N?


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