Google Docs’ New Automatic Outlines Feature

google docs

Google never fails to bring a breath of fresh air for their existing products, and this time they have done it again. We are talking about Google docs. They have implemented a new tool and they call it “automatic outlines”. The name pretty much summarizes what the new integration is all about. When you create a document, the system will look for headers and other dividers in order to create an outline with the main topics listed.

When you are in a document, you can simply start scrolling to see the outline pull out from the right side of your Android device. It will highlight your current section. Don’t like a section in the outline? No problem; just remove it and edit these as you want.

Furthermore, there is a new scrolling button you can use to more quickly move through a document. Instead of swiping up and down endlessly, users can now move through pages by pressing and holding this scrolling button, and then moving it up and down the side of the screen.

Have you checked this new feature out yet? Hit the comments and let us know how you like it!


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