Save Mobile Data With the New Feature on Android N

android n

As we know, Android made a pretty good job at making sure you don’t go over your monthly data allotment. Users have been able to set a cellular data limit from the settings menu for some time, but now in Android N, there’s a new feature that will let you take it one step further.

If you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi connection all day and don’t want your device using a bunch of data while you’re not using your phone, this new feature is for you. It’s called Data Saver (no, not that data saver), and it’s available in the Data Usage section of the new-and-improved settings menu. When you flip the switch, Data Saver will block background data usage for your entire device. It’ll also allow the OS to tell other applications to use less data in the foreground wherever possible as well.

For the ones who don`t want all apps to be affected by this change, there’s a fix for that. You’ll be able to easily whitelist applications from Data Saver to allow background data usage.

This is one from all changes of Android, and it is not the biggest, but it’s a little one that will surely help some folks save lots of data each month.

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