What About the Samsung’s Bluetooth C-Pen Stylus?

Samsung’s Bluetooth C-Pen stylus

There were rumors going around about the Samsung’s new Bluetooth-enabled C-Pen stylus last year, but at the time there really just wasn’t anything to say about it except “Samsung is working on it.” However, the retailer Cyberport has posted information about this fancy little device on their page of what exactly we can look forward to when it comes to the Samsung Bluetooth C-Pen, for use with the Windows-powered Galaxy Tab Pro S.

The C-Pen looks to be a long-living device with an eyebrow-raising battery life of 162 hours. While we’re sure that length of time will rise and fall based on how much action the device sees, it’s nevertheless a pretty stellar figure. As you may have assumed, the C-Pen connects through Bluetooth 4.0 LE. It has 1,024 levels of pressure, which may seem like a large number at a glance, but for perspective that’s roughly half as much pressure sensitivity the S Pen offers on modern Note smartphones.

The stylus comes with two buttons, back and eraser, and you can expect it to retail for about €60 ($66). What are your thoughts regarding the Samsung Bluetooth C-Pen? Useful tool or gimmicky accessory? Share your opinion with us in a comment below.


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