Get Food At Your Doorstep With Pander


We all have to admit that food is a great pleasure! However, not all of us have the time to prepare a nice and tasty meal as often as we would like to. Good thing that there are places which are specialized to help us with that! Introducing – Pander!

The Characteristics

The principle at which Pander works is “getting to know you” at first to be able to help you. Since there are many places you can order from, Pander will help you find the one that is matching your taste. Every time you use this app, Pander will take notes about your taste, and based on them, it will suggest dishes, places, and stay within the boundaries of your budget.

It is a really easy-to-use app, with a clean and clear interface, and minimalistic design.


The Price

Pander is a free app which is available to download on Google PlayStore.

The Verdict

If you are a person who likes to order food, then there is no questioning why you should install and check this app out. It really will narrow your choices down, leading you to finding the right place and the right food. So if you were thinking about ordering something to eat tonight, but was not sure what, let Pander show you the possibilities!

get it on google play


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