Android N and Hangouts: Grouped Notifications and Quick Reply


If you’re running Android N and you happen to like Hangouts and you want to install the latest APK, then this post is for you.

When you’re on the Hangouts 8 and Android N combo, when you get a few Hangouts messages from different chats, you’ll see a pair of up and down arrows stacked at the end of the first line of the notification, just after the time stamp. Swipe down once to expand the notifications a little further, and swipe each one down again to open up the Quick Reply box. Once you’ve expanded the notifications the first time you can also choose to dismiss them individually by swiping to the left or right.

One of the coolest parts of this is that you can respond to one message after another, all from the notifications shade. So simply reply to one, then tap the next reply box and respond to the next one and so on. It’s a huge time saver and you never have to leave the notifications shade to deal with a whole bunch of new messages.

If you’re dying to try this feature out for yourself, just grab the Hangouts v8 APK from APK Mirror. What do you think of Android N’s new notifications? Better or worse than before?


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