Calls, Conferences, Messages and More With Primo App – Make History!

primo app

Things have changed a lot since the first phone call every made. We now have computers, smartphones, and other smart things. The Primo service is offering a one-stop shop for all your communications needs. You can use it to make calls, send SMS messages, do video calls, send files and more. In essence, it is pretty much a glorified instant messaging app.

It doesn’t only work with people using the same app. One can also send SMS messages and perform traditional calls to anyone. Primo does all of this over data, so you probably want to go with WiFi, at least for the more data-intensive features like video calling. Additionally, you may find yourself in one of the 65 countries that offer Primo’s voice network.

One thing that you have to know is that Primo Connect is not doing everything for free. Users do have to pay if they go over their allowances, but they are “calling card rates”, making communications relatively affordable.

A few calls have been tried and HD Voice and they worked like a charm. So did sending messages. We must admit that the app needs some work, but that is something that will come with time, Otherwise it works well.

Are you interested? Do you have a need for a service like this? Post a comment below and tell about your thoughts.


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