The New Galley App for OnePlus Two

oneplus two

A new application is published for OnePlus 2 owners rocking OxygenOS, called OnePlus Gallery. As the name suggests, it’s essentially an organizer for all the snaps captured throughout the day. Billed as a streamlined experience, this latest offering from the company is optimized for offline use, allowing you to get back to real life promptly without messing around.

Furthermore, the application attempts to organize all your collections for you, utilizing pictures and images from multiple sources. Basic tools are available too, including the ability to crop, resize and even draw on saved shots.

OnePlus Gallery is only available for the OnePlus 2 running OxygenOS version 2.2.1. The company will inform us when the app is rolled out to other OnePlus handsets.

What are your thoughts of? Is it good, or bad idea? Please express your opinion in the comment below. We will appreciate it.


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