The Updated Web Clipper for Chrome

google chrome

There are people who really love the Web Clipper for Chrome, and now it has been updated and designed and make the whole experience of saving any online content even more streamlined.

Web Clipper has been reduced to only display the most important functions for a moment. The compact design is better for just about any screen size that is why you are able to view more of the content while you are clipping.

The save button is now easier to see in the new design and it has been mapped to use the Enter key to clip without ever having to click. This new layout is more efficient and functionality will let you clip quickly whatever you want and get back to what you may have been doing.

When about the straightforward annotation, the tools have been hidden from view until a screenshot has been taken.

Once you have finished clipping, you will notice a panel that will let you set reminders on the note that was created. This will allow you to notify yourself as well as other that have access to the note to be able to follow up and then revisit the clip at a later time.

You do not have to be a professional clipper in order to appreciate the updates, also you are able to find tags and notebooks quicker in the new drop down menu, which allows you to filter options as you begin to type each word.

Furthermore, when you have decided on an article that you want to clip, the highlighter will be automatically selected so you can mark the pages up without ever having to worry.

The updated Web Clipper will have plenty of options that will make clipping pages as light or as rich as you want them to be.


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