No More Chronological Order on the Instagram Feed


Instagram is the largest photo and video sharing social network of today. It has seen many changes since it first launched, but one this stayed the same the entire time – the order of the news feed. However, because of the growth of the network, the Facebook-owned social network needs some changes.

Imagine you haven’t opened your Instagram in few days. When you open it, you will see the most recent posts by those who you follow. What have you missed? We have no idea!

Because of these reasons, Instagram will soon get a new feed, which will be very similar to the one used on Facebook. Users will see a more custom feed, filled with the people they interact the most with, and the post from celebrities they regularly follow. Remember that when Facebook got this kind of feed, people seemed a little confused because things seemed scrambled. Now, we are pretty much used to it.

So what do you think about the change which will soon happen on Instagram? Do you like the idea of personalized news feed?


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