“World First, World Class” Cameras on the HTC 10?

htc cameras

HTC has been struggling with their previous flagship phones in terms of the camera. HTC users seemed to be out of arguments why the phones are awesome, when they were faced with a really underwhelming photo and video experience. However, it seems that HTC have shifted their focus on the camera and really maximized their efforts to change things.

We may don’t know if the HTC 10 wil be called just “HTC 10” or “HTC One M10” or something else, but what the company is telling us is that they are going to deliver a unique camera, on both sides of the phone.

On their Twitter account, the announced that their cameras will be “World First, World Class”. One not can say for sure what they mean by that, but of course, it seems that they are preparing something really good.

If HTC manage to deliver what they promised, this may turn out to be a great game changer for them, but also, it may cause some changes on how things are standing on the smartphone marker? What do you say? Wll HTC do it this time?


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