Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!


It is a marvellous world of social networks out there, and Twitter is having the celebration this time. Tomorrow, Twitter will be turning 10! It’s been a wild ride – starting small, yet growing to be the favourite choice of many, anyone from a local philosopher to politicians, celebrities and musicians. It is a wild world out there to be honest!

Anyone using Twitter will tell you – we love this social network because it is different and challenging (after all, is not that easy to put everything you want to say in 140 characters!).

We have seen many thing on Twitter in the past years – We have seen Donald Trump arguing on different topics and challenging many different people, we have seen scientific debates among users and scientist, such as the debates we see from Neil Degrasse Tyson, we have seen celebrity selfies and what else have we not seen over there!

Well, join us in wishing happy birthday to Twitter! We wish them many more successes in the future!


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