Pope Francis Joins Instagram!

pope francis

Pope Francis is probably one of the most widely appreciated popes of all time. He seems to have a great understanding of things, especially the modern ones, and he seems to not be so judgemental of the people who think differently. And this is the reason why he is probably one of the most admired popes.

This time, Pope Francis is expanding his online presence on social media networks by joining Instagram! According to him, this is a act in order “to walk with you along the way of God’s mercy and tenderness.”

The pope still doesn’t have Facebook, and the reason for that, according to Vatican is that he would get simply too much abused. Still, Pope Francis is present on Twitter, and he announced his new Instagram profile by sending out a tweet describing it as “a new journey”.

The pope got  head-spinning number of one milling followers in under 12 hours! If you would like to see what Pope Francis is doing on Instagram, look him up under franciscus.


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