Twitter Will Keep the 140-Character Limit

jack dorsey twitter

Some time ago, and not long ago, Twitter users seemed to be bewildered by a rumour saying that Twitter will increase the character limit from 140 characters, to an amazing 10.000! That’s about 2.000 words! While the Twitter community seemed to raise a lot of noise around the rumour, it seems like we won’t see that happening.

It is not clear whether Twitter really considered increasing the character limit, but what we know is that all you have is 140 characters at your disposal – still, and it will not be changed. According to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, the speculations about the change came after his tweet that people are looking for ways to go around the character limit by posting screenshots and pictures of the text which is supposed to be a tweet. This was back in January. But since the community reacted (at least we suppose that it is because of that), Twitter’s character limit will continue to be limited to 140 characters, which is the most characteristic thing about the social network.

It’s staying. “It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

Whether this is a permanent thing, or just for now, we are yet to see. It is not a first time for a company to do the exact opposite of what they said the WILL NOT do, so don’t get too enthusiastic.


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