You Can Buy Tracks With Shazam Through Google Play Music

shazam logo

There is a new integration into its Android app with its latest update,that Shazam is implementing. Now on, when looking up a song, using Shazam, you will be presented with a Google Play Music bar, which offers up buttons to listen or buy the track, along with an option to start a curated radio station based on the song you looked up.

The music identification app still plays host to integration with other music services, including Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, and Amazon Music. However, on Android it appears that Google Play Music will be the company’s major partner for now, complete with the largest banner.

“We created these features with music fans in mind. We’re constantly looking to streamline the listening and discovery experience. The Google Play Music Hub does just that. It’s more music with fewer taps.” – Shazam’s Greg Glenday

Google has launched a Play Music radio station that features the songs recently identified through Shazam, and also offering a three month trial subscription to the service for just $1. You can download Shazam for free, don`t waste your time thinking about what the name of the song could be. What are your thoughts?


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