Turn Off Updates For Specific Websites on Google Now

google now

As Redditor user Knight-Adventurer noticed, Google Now is now allowing you to further customize your news feed. It’s more of a manual approach, as opposed to today’s usual (and also basic) way of telling Google what you are interested in. Now you can tell Google what you are not interested in.

Whenever you see something you don’t like in your Google Now news feed, simply tap on the 3-dot menu button and select “Not interested in stories from ____”. After that, you shouldn’t be bothered by posts from that particular publication anymore.

Google has long allowed you to turn off updates based on your interests, but now it takes things further with per-outlet filters. The reasons we’re excited is that Google Now tended to surface posts from spammy, third-rate websites that were somehow able to game the algorithm to show up in users’ feeds. Now you can shut those off.

How many of you are annoyed by the news you get on Google Now? Please express your thoughts in a comment bellow.


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