WhatsApp Offers Text Formatting Option!


Sometimes, words are no enough to express what’s on your mind. Because of that WhatsApp is rolling a new update which will give your words the extra touch you need. The latest update has been beta tested in March, and it is not officially out.

The new update gives you the opportunity to write messages in bold, italics or strikeout.

To use bold, you need to write *word*.

To use italics, write _word_.

To use strikethrough, add ~word~.

You can also do combinations of the three options included in the latest update by simply combining the needed symbols in front and after the word you would like to point out.

The update also includes additional things, such as quick reply function, multiple selection capabilities for chats and contacts, as well as solid colour wallpaper.

This is a nice and well-thought-of move by WhatsApp and we believe that this option will be widely used. The update should find its way to you automatically, but you can also update the app directly through the PlayStore or Apple store.

What do you think? Do you like the idea that WhatsApp has implemented?


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