Google Releases a Calculator App


Well, judging by the title, this may not be the most exciting thing in the world that happened today, but it sure is worth mentioning. That’s right, out of nowhere, Google released their Calculator app. Sure, all phones come with pre-installed calculator app which you probably use, so you may wonder why do you need this. We wonder that also.

Anyway, the Google calculator app, just like any calculator app, offer you the basic mathematics functions. Still, do a simple swipe and you will notice that the app have many more complex functions, and some of them you may not even know about (except, of course, if you are a math genius of some kind).

The Google calculator app also has support for Android Wear, so instead of bringing your phone out every time you need to calculate something, you can simply use your wearable accessory.

So was this a really necessary move from Google? Let us know what you think!


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