OnePlus 2 Marshmallow Public Beta Available

oneplus two

While many received their fair-share of the Android Marshmallow, some are still waiting on their turn. OnePlus 2 users now have the chance to dive into the world of Marshmallow by downloading the update which is still labelled as beta, but this one is public.

OnePlus’ version of the Android Marshmallow, of the OxygenOS 3.0 is released to the public in order to obtain information from the users about any last minute bugs that may appear. So basically, this is not the final version of their Marshmallow version, but one can conclude that they are moving close to the finish line.

There are few key aspects that OnePlus is requiring info from the users about. Namely, the most critical areas are the network, the performance of the camera and terms of quality and usability of the camera app, and the improvements of battery life and overall performance.

If you decide to try OxygenOS 3.0 in beta version, don’t worry because you will be getting the official and fully functional version of Android Marshmallow once it is released.

So what do you say? Ready for some testing?


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