UPDATE:A New Voice Available For Google Search


UPDATE: There seems to be a lot effort put into Google’s new voice! Have you tried it out?

Google decided to let users have a peak inside their world and let people know how the new voice was actually made. In the video below, you can see the recording and the making process. Basically, what is done is breaking down words into the smallest building units and making it possible to create every singe word out of them.

Check out the video and the voice actors behind Google’s new voice!

We all remember the “robotic” voice of Google Search result. Even If we’ve all come to know and love, it became to be kind of boring. What Google is bringing this time is a a new thing (new voice, of course), which seems less robotic that what we were used to.

It seems like a fun to have something new at our disposal! Hearing about this, I had to try it immediately since who doesn’t love checking out new things!? The new voice seems much more natural and much more fluent than the one before. And after all, that was the goal, wasn’t it!?

Still, you won’t see an available update on Google Play, but there is a simple way to have a taste of the new voice.

This is what you have to do in order to get the new voice:

To check out the new voice, go to Settings > Language and input > Text-to-Speech output > Settings > Language to choose your system language. If necessary, go to Install voice data and choose a language pack to download.


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