Samsung Gear and Galaxy Apps Uniting


You know how Samsung has different places where you can find apps? On Samsung Gear, you could find app for, of course, Samsung wearable, anything from skins for the watches, to apps from third parties. On Galaxy Apps, you could download all you need for your Samsung phones.

The reason for merging the tow services is because Samsung wants to simplify things for users. The Gear store will not be gone completely. Everything will go under one place, but when going to Samsung Apps from your smartwatch, you will be taken directly to the dedicated tab for watches.

Since the idea is to simplify thins, this could be a great thing to have everything under one roof. If you are a Samsung user, you should receive a pop up which will inform you about this change and ask you to apply the changes.

So what do you think? Does this seem like a good idea to you, or you think that Samsung complicates stuff by trying to simplify them?


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