Say Goodbye to Physical Google Wallet Cards


It is time to say goodbye to Google Wallet cards! Google officially announced that they will stop supporting the physical Google Wallet cards, starting 30th June. This is done so Google can focus on their Google Wallet app which brings a more modern way of paying. The Wallet app was released last fall, and it could be noticed that Google is increasing their efforts around it.

Starting on 1st May, you won’t be able to add any money to your physical Google Wallet card. However, you can still send and receive money from others. After that date, you will be able to withdraw the money at any time for free. When 30th June comes, the support for physical Google Wallet cards will be completely stopped. So if you are using the physical card, you still have some time to think about a new way of paying for the things you like.

As Google states, both Simple and American express offer similar services as the physical Google Wallet card. In fact, you will even receive a bonus if you switch to some of them.

Here’s an announcement from Google’s team:



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