BlackBerry Priv Will Get Marshmallow Some Time in May


Even though we all had high hopes for the BlackBerry Priv, provided that it is a truly amazing phone, it seems that it didn’t go as well as planned. After releasing their report about sales, looks like switching to Android didn’t do a great change for the company.

Also, BlackBerry announced that Prvi users will be getting the Marshmallow update, but not as soon ass we were hoping. The Android Marshmallow will come to Priv devices sometime in May.

We have to note that it has been six months since Android Marshmallow was released and handed over to the companies so they can develop their versions of it. Even though BlackBerry announced a delay, still, it seems like it is simply too much to wait, considering the fact that Android N has been made public for developers. We have to admit that it is a disappointment to wait so long for the update, since the Priv is a truly awesome phone that simply was not accepted on the market as planned.

I know you would agree with is that this is a bit of too much delay, but we would still like to hear what you think! See you in the comments section!bl


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