Change The App Icons With Awesome Icons


You know how sometimes there is this awesome app that you really love in any sense, but when you see the design of the icon you simply can’t help but wonder were they drunk when they chose it or what! Unfortunately, not all apps have nice looking icons, but fortunately, you are able to change that! Introducing Awesome Icons!

The Features

Awesome Icons is a handy little app which will help you get rid of all of the app icons you don’t like. Once you install the app, you will get a list of all existing apps. In order to change them, you need to tap the desired app and you will get your options listed. Then you can simply choose what you’d like and the new icon will pop on your homescreen.

The Price

Awesome Icons is a free app which you can install on your Android phones.

The Verdict

Why not? I mean, if you mind something and you have a chance to change it, then why don’t you do it? Do the changes you’d like by installing Awesome Icons!

get it on google play


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