Buy 32GB Moto X Pure Edition for just $350!


You saw a 32GB Moto X Pure Edition and you want to buy it immediately, but you can`t afford on every price. Good news for you! Now the 32GB Moto X Pure Edition is available at Amazon for 50% off.  That means you are very lucky, because you can buy it for only 350 US dollars.

What you will have to know is that this device for only 350 US dollars is available only in black version of color.

Another very important thing is that you can double your storage space by knocking the 32 GB model down to the same price as the 16GB. Great, right?

If you’re interested, you can grab this deal by visiting the website of Amazon.

What are your thoughts regarding this price of the phone? Do you think it`s still too much, or definitely not too bad? Please express your opinion in a comment bellow.


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