Outlook Now Supports Calendar Events on Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist


There is going to be added a support for third-party apps to its calendar feature in Outlook for Android. Outlook is adding Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist for calendar events.

Microsoft says:

“With Calendar Apps, you can connect your apps—Wunderlist, Facebook and Evernote to start with—to see all your tasks, events and notes from your digital life in one place: your Outlook calendar. By connecting your calendar with a wide range of services, Outlook will be able to provide you with a far better view of your day, week and months ahead.”

Why this is going to interest you is because the Facebook Application will let users see any event they have been invited to in the calendar, along with Facebook friends’ birthdays.

Wunderlist app will allow its to-do lists to show up in the calendar. Furthermore, also Evernote app can place notes and to-do lists made in the app.

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