Thanks to Facebook Messenger, You Can Connect to 900 Million People!

facebook messenger

Facebook, as a company is being so creative and now it will make easier for you to connect with the other 900 million users. It is adding some new connection features, even as its user base continues to increase.

According to Facebook’s David Marcus, Messenger is getting some features that are similar to ones found in Snapchat:

“We’re starting to roll out Messenger Codes, Usernames, and Links (with the amazing[yourusername] URL) available to people and businesses, making it easier than ever to connect.”

This will be very good solution for all who want to connect faster with either friends or companies. However, Marcus also stated that over 1 billion messages every month are sent between consumers and businesses.

Isn`t this perfect? What do you think about it? Please express your thoughts in a comment bellow.


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