Canada and US HTC Vive Demos


Are you eager to try out the HTC Vive before plopping down a hefty sum to purchase it? Well HTC has announced that customers can demo the VR headset at select GameStop and Microsoft Store locations across North America.

So good news for you all! HTC stated that the first demos are available now in the following Microsoft Store locations:

  • Microsoft Flagship store in New York
  • Microsoft at Bellevue Square in Washington
  • Microsoft at City Creek Center in Utah

Furthermore, the demos will continue to roll out to a total of 30 stores across North America, starting with Microsoft’s Meadows Mall location in Colorado later this week. However the demos will be available at 10 GameStop stores by mid-April.

The Demo will entail a variety of SteamVR content running on an Alienware Area-51 PC. HTC also announced that both Microsoft and GameStop will be taking reservations for June orders.

For more details, you can visit the official site, HTC website. Please express your opinion in a comment bellow.


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