Samsung Offering a Great New Deal!


Samsung is offering now a free Gear VR (or Gear S2 for Verizon customers) with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, by sending emails to all customers. Great idea, isn`t it?

What is saying the email?

“Congratulations! Your submission has been approved. We will ship your Samsung Gear S2 to the mailing address you provided when registering for this Offer. Please note that due to the high level of interest in the Verizon Offer promotion, delivery times for Gear S2 are now extending into May and potentially Summer 2016.”

Samsung stated that it will send out another email with tracking information once your Gear VR or S2 has indeed shipped.

So, what are your thoughts regarding this gift that is Samsung giving to the loyal customers who are users of the great devices that Samsung is promoting? Please express your thoughts in a comment bellow.


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