Twitter announces a new feature on Periscope – sketching

jack dorsey twitter

Twitter has just announced that they are trying out a new feature on Periscope that will allow its users to sketch directly as they broadcast.

This is still a beta test but in the stream posted by twitter user Matt we can see that the current beta version of the Periscope app lets you draw on top of your video via touch. You can see the sketch for a few seconds before it fades away leaving the screen as it was with the live broadcast running on the app. The feature will be visible only to broadcasters in the moment and not later so it will probably be used to highlight some details in the moment of the broadcasting.

This feature will let you draw in three colors or use a drop tool to pick up a color from your live broadcast.

A twitter representative said:  “We’re testing Sketching with a small group of people. This feature makes it fun and easy for broadcasters to draw on the screen while broadcasting.Coming in a few weeks for everyone!

So you should expect this cool feature on you Periscope app in a few weeks.


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