iPhone 6s vs iPhone SE: what is the difference?


iPhone 6s vs iPhone SE: what is the difference?

Apple launched a new iPhone alongside with the brand new iPad Pro, and it came as a surprise to the mobile world. Why? Because we saw a familiar face. It is the body of the good old iPhone 5s, but with upgraded new hardware to keep up with todays flagships.

Knowing that Apple sold more than 30 million 4 inch phones in 2015, they had to come up with an idea like this. So, instead of making their costumers wait for the new iPhone 7, they brought the iPhone SE to the table.
Still, the design is not completely the same as the iPhone 5s, but the changes are so subtle that are really hard to notice. But the main point is, that the new iPhone SE is targeted for those who think that the iPhone 6s is just too big, with its 4.7 inch screen, so Apples costumers now have a wider choice of screen sizes they can choose from. And yes, the most obvious difference between the 6s and the SE is the screen size, but there are a few other differences that you should know about before deciding which one to buy.


Again and again, yes, the main difference is the screen size, but the iPhone 6s comes with a higher resolution of 1334×750 pixels, versus the 1136×640 pixels of the SE, but considering that the first is 4.7 inches and the second is 4.0 inches, the pixel density stays the same at 326 ppi.

Still, the 6s wins on another front. It comes with the popular 3D touch, which is a feature that Apple didnt implement on their smaller iPhone SE. As for the design of the phones, they both feature aluminum bodies, while the 6s is thinner with only 7.1mm thickness vs the 7.6mm thickness of the SE.


Hardware and specs

Although both of the phones feature the same A9 chip with M9 motion coprocessor, the 6s wins on the storage department because it has the option of 128GB storage, while the SE comes with only two options: 16GB and 64GB version.

The battery life is almost the same on both of the phones, with boosting about 12 hours of mixed usage.

The final difference between the two phones is the front camera. While they both have exactly the same back camera (12 megapixel, iSight camera), the iPhone 6s wins in the camera department because it has much better front FaceTime camera of 5 megapixel, while the iPhone SE boosts only 1.2 megapixel camera.


And here comes the cost. The iPhone SE will cost marginally less than the iPhone 6s, and that is about 150$ on the competing model, respectively.

So, the iPhone SE with the same storage size is significantly cheaper than the older iPhone 6s, and they have almost the same features. Yes, we say almost, because you cant argue with the facts that the 6s comes with 0.7 inches bigger screen, better front camera and better Touch ID. But in the end, it all comes down to your personal preference. Whether you think that 4.7 inch is too big and 4.0 inches is just enough, or you think that the bigger screen and phone is perfectly sized for your pocket, it is up to you to decide.



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