Tips For Transferring Music From iTunes to Android



It today’s modern world, life is almost unimaginable to us without music. Thanks to modern technology, all our portable devices now have access to the web and hence music. We literally carry thousands of songs in our pocket.

iTunes is one of these apps that allows you very easily to sync your favorite music to your device, the only issue here is that it a a bit tricky to transfer the songs to Android devices. So here are some tips that you can use to transfer your iTunes hits to your Android.

1. Transferring the files manually

Yes, this is the old-fashioned manual way. You basically copy the iTunes music files to a folder on your computer and then using a USB cable you simply transfer them to you Andorid device by copy and pasting or dragging.

2. Use Google Play Music

Google Play Musicapp uses a cloud which allows on an easy way to stream or download your songs. The only cons of this tool may be that you need an internet connection in order to stream the songs, which eventually means you will be using a lot of your data. You can also pin your song and albums which automatically downloads them so you don’t have to stream all the time. It has a 50 000 songs limit which is a pretty good deal. You can also sync it to your Google account so you can access your cloud storage from any other compatible device.

3. Using the Sync iTunes to Android – Pro

For using a cheaper version, you can also try the Sync iTunes to Android – Pro app which offers you a free version with maximum of 100 songs, and the US$2.99 version that is unlimited.

We hope that we somewhat helped you with these few tips that you can use to transfer you favorite music from iTunes to your Android device, and if so let us know.





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