Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) review


Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) review

Samsung first introduced the Galaxy A models back in 2014 and they were the mid range answers from Samsung that provided good build quality, competitive performance and more affordable price than the Galaxy S competitors.

But in 2016, Samsung’s Galaxy A models seem to be the answer to the Chinese competitors like OnePlus X, and several Xiaomi’s models that provide excellent performance, and match it with a price that it’s hard to beat. Also, the Galaxy A5 should represent the alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S6, but with a price just slightly below the S6, the newer brother should prove us that it’s worth considering when buying a new Android phone.


The Galaxy A5 measures 144.8x71x7.3mm, which makes it even bigger than the Galaxy S6. But, you get 5.2 inch screen which makes up for it.

The design is clean, if we can say “Samsung clean”, which makes it very familiar to all of us. The materials used though are of premium quality, and it is the recipe for a premium phone. We get to touch and see only glass and metal, which is classic build but very effective and nice to touch and look. The back and front are the beloved Gorilla Glass 4, while the metal frame from all sides resembles to the Galaxy S6.
The volume rockers are on the left side, the unlock button on the right, and on the front we get the usual physical button and the two capacitive Back and App switcher keys.



The Samsung Galaxy A5 features a 5.2 inch, 1080p Super AMOLED display, which is even 0.1 inch bigger than the one in the Galaxy S6. The screen is bright enough and has one of the best color reproductions one can find on a mobile phone.

The Galaxy A5 (2016) is powered by an octa-core Cortex A-53 processor, which comes in the name of Snapdragon 615. It features the Adreno 405 graphics card, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space. It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy A5 comes with a microSD slot, which is not the case in the flagship Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy A5 is available with Samsung’s own Exynos 7580 too, and the performance between the two is very similar.

The camera on the Galaxy A5 (2016) is something we are impressed with. It comes with a sensor which has a resolution of 13 megapixels (yes, it is not something spectacular for today’s standards, but wait), it has a f/1.9 aperture and it features optical image stabilization. And same like on the Galaxy S6, you can just tap the home button twice, and the camera opens up. Overall, the pictures are very good, somewhat close to the quality of the pictures taken with the more expensive brother (S6). The front camera is of 5 megapixels, also with the same aperture of f/1.9, so the selfies are no biggy with this phone.

The Galaxy A5 (2016) has a SingleSim and DualSim models, and the DualSim model works as a hybrid, where you can use either a nano-Sim + microSD card, or nano-Sim + micro-Sim (the DualSim option). Other than that, the connectivity is on the level we expect from a phone in this price range and in 2016.

The battery is of 2,900mAh, and it passes the battery test with the highest grade.



The Galaxy A5 (2016) comes with a mission, and that is to look as good (if not better) from the Samsung’s flagship premium the Galaxy S6, to feel as good, but to come with a price lower than the flagship (at the cost of mostly performance and overall speed).

And it succeeds that, with only one problem. The price. It is almost similar to the one of the Samsung S6, which makes it hard to justify.
Overall, the phone is quite good, with premium build quality, features and camera, and when or if the price will go down, it will be a very good contender.



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