TimeHop – An Amazing Time Capsule App For Your Phone


In today’s modern world we spend a lot of time on our smart devices whether is it for doing work or having some fun. Advanced technology has enabled for us to have any world information in the back of our pocket. In the past years, social media websites flourished and today they are a part of our everyday life. Whether you are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or else fan, you check or post on these websites at least once a day. So, a team of app developers created this ‘time capsule’ app that will remind you what you did maybe years ago on any of these social media websites.

The name of the app is Timehop. Timehop works like a time capsule of your online activities. We all post on these social media networks everyday, so Timehop will enable you to see what you did on an exact day in the past.



To use this app, you will need to create an account, but there is also an option to connect through Facebook if you don’t want to use other sign up. You can then connect your other accounts such as Twitter, Foursquare to show you your past locations, or even your Camera Roll so you can see memories of photos taken on that particular day.

Timehop is very easy to use, it has a simple interface and the years when you posted something are marked with different color so you can have a organized view. Everything is very nice labeled so it doesn’t look just like a one big mess of past data.

The application shows what day of the week it was when you created your post, and also includes any captions that you have added to it. Another great detail is that it connects to some weather information (if they are available) to show you exactly what kind of day it was. Cool right? You can check your images on fullscreen, the Facebook and Twitter posts are available with a link also, and your Foursquare check-ins are visible on map.


Timehop also enables you to share these memories if you like. You can share them on Twitter, Faceebok, through SMS or Email. Or you can share them on your Timehop timeline so your friends that use the app will be able to see it. There is a notifications screen for the activities that you recieve about your posted past moments.

All in all, this application is great if you want to reminisce of some moment in your past, although there are probably ones that we don’t like to remember or we are embarassed about. The application was very well liked by the team of Facebook, so they included their own version of things that happened to you only on Facebook, which you probably know as ‘On this day’. Anyway Timehop is a fun and interesting application that you need to try out. If you are interested you can download it for free here for Android devices, and here for iOS devices.


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