Smartphones cause road accidents: Germany is solving this with ground level traffic lights


Thanks to technology, all our information and communication nowadays is performed through our smart devices. None of us can say that they haven’t checked or used their smartphone while walking around, sometimes not paying attention to our surroundings. Unfortunately, this kind of situations have caused many road accidents, and different states and countries, try to pass some laws to ban pedestrians from using their phones while crossing the streets. Germany is also on this list of these countries and they have another solution for the problem.

To be specific, a town in Germany have adopted a traffic safety measure, where they place ground level traffic lights, so they are more visible to smartphone users who walk the streets. Pedestrians who are walking on the streets of Augsburg while having their look ‘glued’ on their smartphone screen, now will be able to see the traffic lights without even raising their head.

Germans even made up a term for these people who walk around like zombies staring in their smartphones. They call them ‘smombies’. The mere fact that smartphones cause road accidents is scary enough as it is. A survey conducted in a few capitals around Europe, showed that 17% of pedestrians and 25% between the age of 25-35 use their smartphones while walking around streets.


These kind of pedestrians, have their mind wandered off while using their phones, and they cause many road accidents when they sometimes wander onto the tram tracks or into busy traffic.

This project is still in its experimental phase, being installed in only in a few stations in the municipality of Augsburg outside Munich. A total of 16 ground level traffic lights have been placed onto the streets close to the tram tracks in order to help smartphone users to be more careful and raise awareness of pedestrian traffic safety.

If this project works, the local authorities say that they will implement this traffic measure elsewhere where needed in the city of Augsburg, and who knows, if this is successful maybe it will be implemented on a national and worldwide scale.

The problem of smartphone users who are unaware of their surroundings and cause accidents is huge and in the USA the state of Idaho has imposed a fine of $50 for anyone who will be caught texting while crossing the streets.

Use your smartphones, but use it smart, whatever you are doing can wait for the time while you are crossing the streets. Be safe, no one can give back what you can lose afterwards.



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