Filteract – Use Your Favorite Photography Filters Selectively


Many of us, are photography fans whether it is a hobby, or a profession. Modern technology enabled for us to have a camera on our mobile devices and be able to capture moments everywhere we go. If you like your photos well-put-together you are probably using some of the known photography filters on Instagram or many other editing apps. Sometimes it happens that you will want to use one features of one filter and some others from a second. If you have this problem, we have the solution for you.

The application called Filteract, allows you to use your photography filters selectively. There is a variety of choices that you can selectively use for coloring or filtering on your photo. Filteract has a simple straightforward design. As most photo-editing apps, it has a dark background so it allows you to focus your photo and you editing work. The icons are simple and recognizable and the filters at the bottom of the screen give you a preview of what the photo would look like after applying it which is great. You just need to scroll with your finger left or right on the bar of photo filters and choose whichever looks the best to you – and voila!


The uploading of the photos is pretty much as any other photo-editing application. You can upload photos from your Gallery, a new capture directly from Camera, or if you are iPhone user you can use your iCloud Drive account.

When you are applying a filter to you image, you can to it in two ways. If you want the filter to be applied to the whole image, you long-press on it, or if you press it double you get the option to adjust the level of the particular effect whether stronger or weaker. It is set on 50% by default and you can go from there.

Also, as we said, since this an app that allows you to selectively use filters you can more different filters on one photo at the same time. You can take the color out of the entire photo by using the Mono, Noir, High-Key, or Wane effects, and then you have a blank canvas for selective coloring of objects with the other filters. When you choose your color filter, you select the paint roller which acts as a paintbrush tool and allows you to paint the filter on whichever object you like. (Note: you need to zoom in on your image for your paint brushing to be more accurate, because there is no option to adjust size of the tool). Or, if you don’t like this you can use the magic paint tool, which automatically sprays the effect on the object that you touch. This is good for some more detailed objects where you need big accuracy.

So, if this app looks perfect for your photography filter needs, or something that you want to try out, you can give it a go for free at the Apple store on this link.



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