Meizu Pro 5: phone review


Meizu Pro 5: phone review

When it comes to Meizu as a company, we already got used to see great smartphones from them. Their Meizu MX5 did a huge success, so we thought why would we need the Meizu Pro 5? But people from Meizu thought different. They thought that the market needs bigger and more powerful phablet from their company, so they introduced us to the Meizu Pro 5.


When you first see the box in which the Meizu Pro 5 arrives, you will be certain that you can talk about a premium phone. The phone itself is quite big, with it’s 5.7 inch screen, and it measures 156.7x78x7.5mm. Yes, it’s very thin and it looks gorgeous. When you first see it though, you may think you are looking at the Iphone 6S plus. And indeed, they look very similar, but still, because of the 0.2 inches bigger screen, you can notice that the Meizu Pro 5 is a little bit bigger.
The whole phone is made out of brushed aluminum, with the only plastic parts being the antennas. The screen is made out of 2.5D glass, and it also has chamfered edges. The home button is on the front, and the build quality is excellent.



The Meizu Pro 5 comes with 5.7 inch 1080p AMOLED display, which results in a pixel density of 386ppi. It is not the highest we’ve seen, but it doesn’t look bad either. The images though are very clear and sharp, and the viewing angles are among the best on the market. But, while the contrast is good for an AMOLED screen, the brightness is not on par with the best AMOLED screens we’ve seen, like the ones from the Samsung Galaxy S franchise for example. All in all, the screen is good enough for most people.

The processor found in this phone brings very familiar face to the table. It is the Exynos 7420 chipset, made by Samsung, and used in the Galaxy S6 line-up. It is most certainly one of the most capable performers on the market. It is an octa-core processor, having 4 x 2.1Ghz Cortex-A57 cpus, and 4 x 1.5 Cortex-A53 cpus. The GPU is Mali-T760MP8 (which is one of the best GPUs we’ve come across, and the phone comes in 3GB or 4GB RAM variant, and 32GB of ROM. And because the Meizu Pro 5 runs on 1080p resolution, which is easier to handle than the Quad HD resolution on the Galaxy S6 series, we can say that we have the best performance phone on the market today.

The camera found on the Meizu Pro 5 is a proper flagship contender. It is the new Sony sensor, the IMX 230 with 21 megapixel resolution with a very advanced hyper focus system. The camera shoots perfect photos, no doubt about it. Also, it shoots videos up to 2160p of resolution at 30 fps. The front camera is of 5 megapixels and while it doesn’t shine, it is good enough for social network selfies.

The battery is of 3.050mAh, but Samsung’s Exynos 7420 is quite a consumer. That means that we expected the battery life of the Meizu Pro 5 to be average. But, it surprised us very pleasently. The battery life is quite above average.



The Meizu Pro 5 is the perfect mixture of high-quality materials used for the build, high-end hardware inside, a great display, the newest software from Android and a very good camera. The metal shell design looks so good that even the biggest companies that sell smartphones today will be jealous. So, for 450 euro for the unlocked 32GB version of the phone, it just may be the best-buy. Of course, there is the flagship competition of Samsung, LG and HTC from the Android market, and the Iphone 6S and mainly the 6S Plus (because of the size) from Apple, but the Meizu Pro 5 is very close to the perfection, and there is not a single doubt about that.


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