HTC One A9 : Is It Worth The Price?


HTC is making huge effort to get back in the top places of the smartphones stage, but the wrong marketing tricks and the leaving of a few directors made a significant drop in sales and profit. Between all these problems, HTC One A9 is presented as a new middle class smartphone with more investment in the design, hardware and functions.

Unfortunately the phone didn’t get very good reactions. As a start, there were some complaints about the similarity in the look with the iPhone 6 although HTC is claiming that they were developing this look in the past 3 years. As a contestant in the middle class One A9 looks great, but the problem is its very high price in Europe that will repulse any potential buyers. In addition, we will go through all of the new features that One A9 has to offer to you.



As we previously mentioned, the first reactions about the One A9 design were negative because of many aesthetic details that remind of the iPhone and the problem is that HTC doesn’t have enough marketing power to impose their story in the public. The judgement whether it’s a copy or evolution prior to previous models, we will leave up to you. HTC One A9 has a nice look with some slim lines, 2.5D curved edge front glass and firm metal case.

A small problem for us, is the bad use of the front surface around the screen which takes up too much space and the 5 inch diagonal makes it look like you are using some phablet. The main innovation is the prints scanner that is inserted in the home button bellow the display, but unfortunately, it no longer has the stereo BoomSound speakers which were the main bonus to its value in the previous models.



HTC might be the only premium brand that doesn’t embrace the Quad HD standard very easily so don’t expect One A9 as a middle class device to offer a better quality resolution. One A9 comes with a 5.0 inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a 441ppi density. The advantage of the display is that it has an AMOLED technology which lately has advanced and it has some better shades of background black for a more effective contrast and more efficient energy use.


HTC One A9 is one of the first models of the Taiwanese manufacturer which from the start has the latest version the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS which means that you will get more of the software upgrades in the upcoming period, and at the same time you can use all the new options such as choice of permissions in application installation, the Doze application for battery management, Sense 7.0 UI.



HTC made the biggest effort in the camera part and it was completely clear that they will remove the ultrapixel technology which for now it is set only on the selfie 4 megapixel camera. For the back camera they have used a brand new and improved sensor of 13 megapixels with a backlight of the lense which is pretty wide with f/2.0. The camera has modern element of scene adjustment at any time such as HDR, flash adjustment, exposure, focus and image optical stability during recording of HD videos.


The new octacore Snapdragon 617 processor with Cortex-153 cores, which are active at the same time is used for the first time with the HTC One A9, but the result of the benchmark tests are not thrilling since it still can’t be compared to the ‘silicons’ used in the premium class. HTC One A9 is complemented with 2 or 3GB of RAM depending which model you choose. The smartphone is pretty slim with 7.3mm thickness but on that account the battery has a really small capacity of only 2150 Mah which seems insufficient for at least 2 days of active work.


HTC One A9 may be one of the best equipped middle class smartphones, but unfortunately, this applies only for the offer in the USA where you can get a really cheap deal for it. In Europe the situation is very much different, where even with a contract don’t expect a very big grant from your provider, which of course means you will have to pay a big sum for this phone. And of course, the main problem for us is not the type of the display or the processor but the question is it worth the money. HTC One A9 is a great smartphone, but for its cost and a few bucks more, you can get a better device from the premium class. Our opinion is that it will only be worth if you get it cheaper with some online deal, so you can share your opinion bellow.


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